Contact Us

You can contact us by sending an email to

To arrange marriage services, baptisms or funerals, please contact Revd. Philip, 01257 252136 (Please avoid phoning on Wednesday, as this is Revd. Philip's day off)

For information regarding children's or youth activities please contact Kai Bland, our Family and Young People's worker, 07968021641 (Please avoid phoning on Wednesday  as this is Kai's day's off)

To book the Parish Centre please contact Sharon Drury, the booking secretary, 01257 423043

For information regarding groups, please contact the numbers below:

Mother's Union                                                    
Marjorie Holt, 01257 252233

CAMEO (for widows and widowers)                       
May Spicer, 01257 422085

JAM (Over 5's)                                                    
Kai Bland, 07968021641

Tiddlywinks (Pre-Schoolers)
Kai Bland, 07968021641

CID Club (KS2 at St. Anne's Primary)                    
Kai Bland, 07968021641

Saturday Special (5-11 years)                               
Brenda Harrison, 01257 400084

Scamps (Pre-Schoolers)                                      
Marjorie Rylands, 01257 254233

Shield of Honour (10-16 years)
Kai Bland, 07968021641

Rachel Almond, 07527603741

Linda Hill, 01257 252496