Prayer Diary

St Anne's Church, Shevington, Weekly Prayer Diary
Pray with us!

Please also consult the Diary of Events in the Church magazine and pray for them as they happen.

Please pray :

Sunday        Monday       Tuesday      Wednesday

Thursday     Friday          Saturday

On Sundays – for Worship and Spiritual Development

Pray for individual services, worship leaders, the choir and music group, the preaching.     Back to top

On Mondays – for Children, Youth and Outreach

Pray for  the Brownies and for 'Cids' Club', the after school club for primary children at St Anne's school. Pray for Saturday Special and JAM Club, both for primary children. Pray for the leaders and helpers. Pray for  the staff and pupils at St Anne's school and the other schools in Shevington, both primary and Shevington High School. Ask for God's guidance and blessing on the work Philip Dennison and Kai Bland currently do in the local schools and for new opportunities.

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On Tuesdays – for Families and Outreach

Pray for Scamps, the children and those who bring them whether they be parents or child minders, the leaders and helpers, and pray for all families whose children are baptised at St Anne's. Pray for Saturday Special - children and leaders. And pray Messy Church, for the families who come, the leaders and helpers. Back to top

On Wednesdays – for Pastoral Care and Support

Pray for the Pastoral Assistants, bereavement team, the sick, bereaved and housebound, support teams and other visitors. Pray for the CAMEO group. Pray for the Mothers' Union, for all they do to support individual members and to promote Christian marriage and family life.         Back to top

On Thursdays – for Teaching and Nurture

Pray for all the house groups meeting both in the daytime and evening. Pray for the Thursday congregation who worship today at 10.15am, and for the group who meet before that service to pray for the parish.        Back to top

On Fridays – for Mission Abroad and Relief Work

Pray for the overseas projects which St Anne's supports financially - Bethany project, Tear Fund, Practical Action etc. Pray about world events which touch your heart as you read the newspaper or watch and listen to the news on television or radio.

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On Saturdays – for Administration and Communication

Pray for our Churchwardens and assistant wardens, PCC and all who help to run the church. Pray for maintenance of buildings and churchyard. Pray for the  magazine and communication generally. Pray that this website will be accessed by people who would otherwise never visit a church, and that they will be drawn to St Anne's and experience the love of God for themselves.

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